Anode Systems Company

is an industry leader in the field of cathodic protection and corrosion prevention, maintaining superiority since 1984. Our team of experienced NACE certified cathodic protection specialist & field technicians survey, design, install, test & maintain cathodic protection systems throughout the United States.

Our Company

has pioneered new and innovative solutions to protecting potable water storage tanks, produced water less tanks, underground fuel storage tanks, and underground piping. We also specialize in surface bed and deep anode bed impressed current and galvanic anode systems on pipelines, storage tanks, and other steel structures.

We Offer

a variety of pressure vessel and tank anodes for the oil and gas industry, and all materials and accessories to the cathodic protection systems are manufactured and supplied in bulk at our on-site warehouse, providing our clients with the highest quality galvanic/sacrificial anodes and impress current anode systems nationwide.

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