Irrigation Solutions

Canal Anodes for Corrosion Protection of Irrigation Equipment

Why Use Anodes?

  • Cut maintenance expense
  • Cut replacement costs
  • Decrease labor costs
  • Stop rust and corrosion
  • Less expensive than coatings
  • Easy to install

How Anodes Work

  • Same effect as galvanizing
  • Stop rust electrolytically
  • Works like a battery
  • Provide electrical charge
  • Provide electrons to iron

Who Uses Anodes?

  • Grand Valley Irrigation District
  • Palisade Irrigation District
  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • Grand Valley Water Users Association
  • Redlands Water & Power Company
  • Water Districts & Gas Utilities
  • Underground Tank Owners

Contact Anode Systems Company for irrigation system corrosion protection engineering design, installation, testing services and materials. Ask for NACE Cathodic Protection Specialist, Hans Schmoldt for answers to your questions.